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Wed Dec 13 21:00:23 2006 UTC (15 years, 1 month ago) by jeremyd2019
File size: 368 byte(s)
add work-in-progress mplayer demuxer.  Is very hackish, need some help to clean it up.  Any volunteers?

1 Still a work in progress. Needs a lot of help.
3 Patch against mplayer svn. Requires HEAD version of tivodecode.
5 patch -p0 < ../mplayer-tivo-demuxer.patch
6 cp ../demux_tivo.c libmpdemux/
8 ./configure --extra-libs="-ltivodecode" --with-extralibdir=/path/to/tivodecode/objects.dir --with-extraincdir=/path/to/tivodecode
9 make
10 ./mplayer -tivo mak=1234567890 ~/Test.TiVo

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