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Sun Sep 9 23:26:20 2007 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by jeremyd2019
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rework interfaces (bumped typelib version to 1.1).  Add support for decoding the MPEG stream.  Added support to read and write from streams (implementing IStream) and make the versions which take filenames use a stream implementation that wraps file access.  Make OpenTivoFile take the MAK as a parameter.  It has a default value of "" (empty string), which means try to get the MAK from the registry, so either omit that param (for those languages which permit that) or specify it as empty string to use the MAK from the registry.  Added progress reporting of MPEG stream decoding via a connection point.  Progress is updated every 100 frames, and percent complete is provided if the tivo file stream supports Seek and Stat functions

1 #ifndef IDC_STATIC
2 #define IDC_STATIC (-1)
3 #endif
5 #define IDR_TIVOCOM 101
6 #define IDR_TIVODECODE 103
7 #define IDR_TIVOFILE 105
8 #define IDS_PROJNAME 40000

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