We now complete the implementation of the date abstraction by coding the overloaded increment/decrement.  The lab work will mirror the content of the student outline.  Carefully test each member function as you implement it.

Overloaded increment/decrement operators:

preincrement (++)

postincrement (++)

predecrement (--)

postdecrement (--)

Overloaded relational operators (you must do all 6 relational operators):

>, <, ==, !=, <=, >=


1.   Implement the four increment/decrement functions and test each one.  Test the incrementing or decrementing aspect of each as well as the values they return.  For example, you should test the result of this type of scenario for all four operators:

        date  day1 (6,27,96), day2;

          day2 = day1++;

         cout << "day1 = " << day1 << "     day2 = " << day2 << endl;

     Run output:   day1 = 6/28/96     day2 = 6/27/96

  2.   Turn in your date class on disk.  Your instructor will test the date class using an extensive test  program.  The program will test nearly all of the details of the date class including error-checking for the setDate function.